We take the experience aspect up a notch

Our extended definition of ‘the experience’ means we look not ‘just’ at the user but also the underlying  human being—along with their everyday needs. We therefore regard products or services as problem solvers and carriers of experiences which not only make people’s daily lives easier but address their longings, too.

Here’s an example. For us, the user ‘experience’ in the case of a coffee machine isn’t just about getting the job done at the touch of three buttons. It’s also very much about ‘enjoying a full-on coffee experience’. We’re referring here to anticipation of the enjoyment, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, or the prospect of a homely breakfast with the whole family. 

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We combine UX and classic consumer research

We couple problem-solving expertise with experience management. GIM Experience follows a holistic approach that supplements the classic UX KPI framework with emotional and motivational aspects of consumer psychology.

Depending on the research context and product category, we gear the process & methods to your questions.

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We keep you on track

Given that your research questions are manifold and challenging, and the solution horizon difficult to define, particularly at the start of a project.

What’s needed here to make things less complex is a research programme that firstly reproduces the entire innovation cycle and secondly can be tailored perfectly to your individual needs.

Then, and only then, is it possible to deliver what counts: relevant insights for optimal experience management!

With GIM SPICE we configure our research process to match your value-added sales funnel. We can provide full or stage-to-stage support.

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We research and design experience

Because we have the skills and experience to do so! Have you always wondered why good usability is still far from making a good product? Or how to fathom tomorrow’s experience in the here and now? You can find the answers here: acquaint yourself with our work and have fun with our success stories.

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