GIM 360° Tours

You would like to ...

... show your product / service in surveys in an extraordinarily realistic way and make it tangible?

... map and test future concepts / strategies in already existing markets and environments?

... evaluate potential communication measures in the real usage context under constant conditions?

... make concept ideas for internal communication in your company accessible?

GIM 360° Tours are interactive, captivating and allow the viewer to engage with the user experience.

This unique experience allows you to judge today the product & service experience of tomorrow.

The Tool:

  • With the help of 360° spherical camaras we map environments seamlessly and enable the creation of virtual tours.
  • High-resolution panoramic shots optimally embed your store or product in the 360° Tours.
  • New ideas and concepts can be easily integrated into the 360° worlds with the help of professional image processing and evaluated e.g. via monadic test design.
  • This enables consumers to perceive environments as realistic experiences and evaluate them directly.

A wide range of use options:

  • Interesting for PoS and shopper research (e.g. for shelf evaluation, evaluation of new product launches, store design, content evaluation in the context of digital signage)
  • Quantitative online survey & qualitative immersion in the context of accompanied shopping or individual interviews

The Benefits:

  • Realistic presentation

  • Valid sample size for strategic decisions 

  • Cost- and time-efficient setup instead of complex 3D programming

  • Testing independent of location, e.g. concept spaces of market in other cities

  • Product worlds are captured holistically and intuitively 

  • Participants can adopt different perspectives and enlarge individual elements

  • Clear differentiation from conventional stimulus-centered online surveys in respect of user experience

A tool that is fun for participants!

We have already tested the GIM 360° Tours in an online survey with 500 participants.

The result: The tool was intuitively understandable and, compared to conventional, standardised surveys, the participants enjoyed it.

See for yourself and take a GIM 360° Tour through a bicycle shop:


> start the tour here <
(This tour is available in German only)