What we research—not a question of sector

We research and design the product experience in areas such as health, household appliances, services and automotive, to name but a few. For us, UX isn’t a question of sector. Simply get in touch!

Experience Director 

Benjamin Dennig

Phone +49 (0)6221 8328 843
Mobile +49 (0)162 2525 872 

Benjamin Dennig studied sociology and politics at the University of Heidelberg, completing his studies with an MA. He’s been working for GIM since 2006 and manages the research field Home & Technology. Dealing with technical artefacts is therefore his daily bread, as it were. His interest in ‘the experience’ extends beyond the UX context: within the framework of design impact research, he’s deeply involved in how design is perceived and how these insights can be used to add value in terms of user-centred design.

Senior Experience Manager

Johanna Ullsperger

Phone +49 (911) 47 75 66 27
Mobile +49 151 72 50 99 42

Johanna Ullsperger has a degree in social sciences. Early on she was fascinated by how the user experience influences the market success of products and services. Johanna has been working in market research since 2011 and joined GIM in 2018. She works for many different industries and mainly conducts studies on issues related to mobility and automotive. In addition to classic UX topics, Johanna focuses on how digital experience structures influence the examination of mobility and brands.