We span a bridge between UX and classic consumer research

The GIM Experience approach is holistic: 

  • It supplements the classic UX KPI framework by adding the motivational level: it‘s all about human beings!
  • It can be geared perfectly to your research context and product category: it’s all about your questions!

GIM experience in a nutshell: Our offer as a compact Pdf 

We take an adaptive and dynamic approach

We calibrate your research design according to key questions such as : 

  • What needs and motives for use exist? In what situations?
  • What symbolic qualities of the user experience feed into these motives?
  • Do the KPIs selected cover all relevant motives for use?
  • Are the measurement indicators suitable for the product category?
  • Do further KPIs need to be integrated?

We understand ‘adaptation’ in terms of a context-sensitive adjustment

… to our research and analysis framework—above all with regard to: 

  • product category: a bar of chocolate or a luxury car? The symbolic content of a user experience varies considerably depending on the category.
  • cultural frame: KPIs are KPIs? Are the key performance indicators that are relevant in Europe also valid in Asian markets?
  • time horizon: today or tomorrow, no difference? Draft designs destined for future use are subject to a different level of failure tolerance. The calibration of KPIs required here differs from what is needed in short-term solutions.